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CandyStrike Emporium is across from the historic Placerville Bell Tower and originated in the foothills of El Dorado County in a place called "HangTown" - Placerville, California. It began as a saltwater taffy shop in 1996, moving to its current location in 2009.

In the Fall of '14, the Cappell family continued a 15-year family tradition and brought the Cappell Family Chocolates to CandyStrike. After looking at locations in Placerville, Monterey, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, Ryan Cappell felt at home in this small Gold Country community and took over ownership of CandyStrike.  Candy Apples made using the Cappell family's own creamy caramel recipe!

"I want to make CandyStrike a destination. People come to Placerville to see CandyStrike", enthuses Cappell as he explains his plans to expand the kitchen and add windows where the public can watch him whip up confectionary magic. "We can make any flavor. If you need a special flavor in a truffle, we can make that happen", Ryan adds. The newest truffles are wine infused with a variety of wine from local wineries.

Offering a taste of nearby Apple Hill, CandyStrike creates several varieties of Caramel Apples using their own smooth caramel recipe!

If you're yearning for a simpler time, step into CandyStrike Emporium and strike your claim! You can't help but smile as you are reminded of days gone by. Remember Abba Zabba, Mary Janes, Mountain Bars, Black Jack, Beeman & Clove gum, Sen Sens, rock candy...? We have these and many more of your childhood favorites! Love Salt Water Taffy? We have a large variety! You can sample licorices - both American and from around the world - at the Motherlode of Licorice; and entire wall of all your favorites! (And most likely some new treats to discover!).

When you're in, grab a cold, refreshing glass bottle of soda pop and look for old time toys and gifts you've forgotten about. Check out the CandyStrike fudge counter, too, and ask for a sample of your favorite flavor! CandyStrike truly is a destination!