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Gluten Free Candy

We stock most but not all items listed.

* is not stocked but available

Check the label, but according to the manufacturer's, these products are gluten free:

*After Eight Dinner Mints
Almond Joy
Bazooka Gum
Bubblicious Gum
Bubble Yum Gum

Fudges from CandyStrike

Cadbury Bars (*Caramilk,
Crunchie, Curly Wurlie, *Dairy
Milk, Fruit and Nut, Flake)
Junior Mints
Charleston Chews
*Junior Caramels
Chiclets (Regular and Tiny)
Dubble Bubble Gum
Ferrar Pan (all, inlcuding
Red Hots, Lemonheads, Jaw
Busters, Boston Baked
Beans, Atomic Fireballs)
Fruit Stripe Gum
*Hershey Kissables
*Hershey Kisses
Hershey Plain Chocolate Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Reese's Pieces
Hershey Skor Bar

Mike & Ikes
*Jolly Joes
Hot Tamales
Peeps (All)
Kraft Caramels
*Lifesavers Gummies
*M&Ms Plain
*M&Ms Peanut
*Milky Way & Milky Way Midnight
Necco (Necco Wafers,
Mary Janes, Sweethearts Conversation
Hearts (Valentine's), Canada Mint &
Wintergreen, Clark Bars, Sky Bar,
Squirrel Nut Caramels and Zippers)
Pez (All)
Pop Rocks
Ring Pops
Smarties (All Flavors)
*Snickers (not Crispy or Poppables)
Dum Dum Pops
Straburst Fruit Chews
Sugar Babies
Sugar Daddy
*3 Musketeers (not Poppables)
Tootsie Rolls
Tootsie Pops
Caramel Apple Pops
Dots (All Flavors)
Cella's Milk & Dark Chocoalate
Dovered Cherries
Blow Pops
Super Blow Pops
Charms Pop
Charms Sour Balls
Charms Squares
Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy
Wonka (All Wonka products
are Gluten Free except the Chocolate

Please Check with Us for Availability!