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Rocky Candy Sticks

Item #C100900-S
Manufacturer: Dryden & Palmer
Rock Candy Sugar Sticks

Description: This traditional old-time favorite is as pretty as it is tasty! 10+ flavors to choose from!

Enter the quantity in groups of 10. So if you want 10 rock candy sticks, enter 1 as the quantity, if you want 20 rock candy sticks, enter 2 and so on...and enter the number of each flavor you would like to add up to the total number you can order. In other words, if you pick a quantity of 2, you then need to select a total of 20 rock candy sticks. You may pick different flavors to equal the total number by adding the number of each flavor you'd like in the box before that flavor name.

Rock Candy sticks are sold in groups of 10 for $2.25

I want to order groups of ten(10) rock candy sticks.

I would like them in the following quantities:

Blue Raspberry
Cotton Candy